NICOLAS ROSNER 4th place on the Dropknee National Tour and 8th place on the Dropknee World Tour

161127-drop-knee-national-tour-2016Despite it´s ambition for the Portuguese Dropknee national title, our pro rider Nic Rosner manage to finish his competitive year on a great 4th position on the Dropknee National Tour. Mainly because he reached 2 finals during the year. On the international panorama Nic Rosner obtain his best result ever also on the Dropknee Division finishing the 2016 Dropknee World Tour inside the TOP 8 thanks to his amazing result on the sintra Pro 2016 (semi finalist).

Nic also had the oportunity to be again crowned Champion of the Magoito Regional Tour. On the competitive off season Nic had take some time to explore the beautifull islands of Azores, known for its big waves and consistent winter swells. Nic is already training hard and testing some new Aerial Boards for the 2017 season!

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