161127-nuno-cintra-shorebreak-trainingOur partner, ShoreBreak Waveriding School, had a full year of activities by shaping of new bodyboarders, the organization of Bodyboarding championships, the constant search for epic and secret waves on the amazing Portuguese coastline and by being present on the main national and international Bodyboarding Championships with their top riders. They´re also growing in numbers and by now they work with a total of 40 bodyboarders all year round!

This year the top hightlights went to Nuno Cintra that accomplish an amazing 7th place at the Juniors World Tour Event of Sintra Pro 2016 (semi finals), knocking out from competition the Brazilian Matheus Bastos, Current World´s Junior Vice Champion, and also a 15th on the Juniors World Tour event Nazaré Pro. On a national panorama Nuno Cintra got a total of three 9th places and a 17th, that might guarantee him a TOP 10 position on the under-18 National tour. Not the result Nuno and his coach where working for but not bad tough.
Nuno Cintra also finished the Magoito Regional Championship on the 3rd position (under-18 division).

Another highlight from Shorebreak was young Salvador Rosa. Although he didn´t have any major results during 2016 (a 1st place at the Magoito Regional Championship and two 9th places on the under-18 national tour) showcasing an amazing level of bodyboarding with a level that can allow him to achieve some major results for the 2017 season. Lets see how it goes from here for Salvador!

Of course that both Salvador and Nuno Cintra are riding with their own Aerial Bodyboards that allow´s them to have the right tools to work with!

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